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Ayurveda harbors treatment for various ailments of the body. These products are widely used by a large portion of the population as these can remove ailments without having any side effects on the skin. The toxins residing inside the body provide significant harm to our skin & mind. It is recommended that the body should remain
free from the toxic substances. To purify the body, Panchakarma treatment is considered as a best method.

This is a treatment used to remove the toxic substances from the body. As per the philosophy of Ayurveda, the body consists of seven elements. If the equilibrium among these get disturbed, then this will enhance the toxicity inside the body. These toxins are very harmful for different systems of the body. So, it is essential to
remove the toxin levels from the body.

This purification of the body is performed with the help of this treatment. It is provided in the spas or the massage parlor. In this, the essential oils along with the minerals and various other natural substances are used. These mineral oils are provided on various parts of the body in order to remove the toxic material. The
massage therapy is used for this purpose.

The Benefits of Panchakarma as Part of an Ayurvedic Detox :-

1. VAMANA, induced emesis using Ayurveda medicine or SNEHAPANA, internal oleation therapy.
2. VIRECHANA, purgation induced by Ayurveda medicines.
3. NASYA, Detoxification of upper respiratory tract by administration of Ayurveda drugs in nasal cavity.
4. BASTI, Ayurvedic herbal enema to cleanse out toxins from lower colon.
5. SWEDANA, herbaliszed individual steam bath.

Additionally, a Panchakarma programme may include distinct Ayurvedic full body oil massages, namely:

2. SIRODHARA, pouring of oils/liquids over the forehead.
3. UDVARTANA or UBTAN, superficially penetrating Ayurvedic herbal paste application on skin.
4. MARMA THERAPY or Ayurvedic Point therapy.

Benefits of Panchakarma:-

1. Helps restore metabolic fire (AGNI)
2.Eliminates AMA (toxins) strengthens tissue functions.
3. Assists balance all three doshas.
4. Helps implement a healthy diet and lifestyle.
5. Reduces stress, improves relaxation & tolerance.
6. Slows the ageing process.
7. Boosts the bodies immunity levels.
8. Improves strength, endurance and vitality.

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